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Silver-Strider ElderCommanderDue to a recent unpleasantness, I will be without internet again D:. This period shouldn't be as long as before and if all goes well, I'll be back in a week. I'll try popping in whenever I can during that time so just keep me posted if you guys have any problems/suggestions/etc.
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Silver-Strider ElderCommanderStill don't have a place yet but was able to pop in and check out the site, see what's up. So...what's up everyone?
Dracan Fontom GeneralRider  Oh you know just waiting for the game to release, for people to come on, the usual.
Cannonlink ElderCommanderRiderHey guys, I know I havent posted anything in a while, but I still check the site quite a bit. There just hasnt been any new console news. I plan on getting destiny and I hope I will get to play with you guys when it launches. Also guild symbols are confirmed and will be in the next patch along with some more guild options.
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Dracan Fontom GeneralRider  Cool, hope we see you soon.
Bruid91 Knight  I will also be playing destiny!
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Silver-Strider ElderCommanderSince I'll be away for a while, I decided to do something a little different with the theme. I added an hour long playlist of Two Steps from Hell music instead of a one for the week.

I'll see you all as soon as I can. Enjoy :)
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Dracan Fontom GeneralRider  Come back soon.
High Prince Lokira Recruit  please do.
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Silver-Strider ElderCommanderI'll be moving to an new residence the 1st of July and don't know when I'll have internet re-installed so I may be gone for a couple of weeks (Hopefully no more then 1-2 weeks). Just wanted to give a heads up.
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Rai'ven Knight  Best of luck with the move Silver. I hope it's a move for the better.
Rethis Theldyn ElderCommander  best of luck brother, we will await your return
Darrus-Ralier Recruit  You sure do move a lot,SS.
Master Dread ElderCommanderRiderYeah, the negative things I have heard from the PC players is unsettling. I have canceled my pre-order for ESO and and going to wait for reviews to come out for the console version.
Rai'ven Knight  I dunno guys, seems like negative press gets a little too much attention. You've already heard from me more than once on how I'm enjoying the game. Hopefully DigitalEulogy will chime in and give his two cents on how he feels about the game. I know it sucks waiting, especially for such a long time and the utter lack of updates on the console version doesn't help matters. But don't give up hope, the game is a lot of fun and outside of ZOS totally dropping the ball, there really isn't any reason why it shouldn't be just as good on console when they finally release it.
DigitalEulogy Knight  I am having a great time playing and am working on leveling my crafting so I can help all of the guild mates here once it launches. I personally have not had any issues with bots or bugs. All in all I'm glad I got it for Mac but cannot wait to transfer over to console.
Dracan Fontom GeneralRider  The people who say this are a bunch of sore cry ants, they are only like this becuase it did not come their way.
Master Dread ElderCommanderRiderSo..... this game push back has made things a little........ dead.
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Rethis Theldyn ElderCommander  It has, but that is to be an expected result of such a substantial extension of time set back for a new release date, I believe when the time comes we will see many of our brethren return. Don't be discouraged
Dracan Fontom GeneralRider  Let hope so. I have been crazy for eco and now I am on ESOhead and YouTube every day.
High Prince Lokira Recruit  find a new game for a bit, all i have to say. maybe try Metr: Last Light out?
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