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Silver-Strider ElderCommanderMy financial trouble might finally be ending so hopefully, I can continue maintaining the site and Teamspeak. I finally got a job interview for a new place so hopefully, we'll be back in business =D.
Silver-Strider ElderCommanderNot sure if anyone has experienced this on PSN but I can't seem to join others in chat on PS4 so sorry to those that invite me to chat.
Gouthorion Recruit  It probably just a bug with the new system update. I couldn't tell the difference, if I was being invited to a party or being sent a message due to the new notification thing. So that could also be it, and perhaps your PS Plus ran out?
Silver-Strider ElderCommander  I'm going for the new patch messed something up. Seems like they fixed it though cause I was able to chat today.
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Silver-Strider ElderCommanderI'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Gouthorion Recruit  YAYYYYYY
Dracan Fontom GeneralRider  Welcome back old friend.
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bwillphilly Recruit  joined The Ebon Raiders
Gouthorion Recruit  Welcome to the raiders!
Silver-Strider ElderCommanderI'M FINALLY GETTING INTERNET!!!!!!!!!
They're coming to install it this Thursday so if everything goes well, I'll finally be back online. WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry to have kept you all waiting but hopefully we'll be able to really get back in business. See you guys real soon :sick:
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Dracan Fontom GeneralRider  Cant wait to talk to you agian. On PS4.
Gouthorion Recruit  I sent you an Fr on PS4 silver, and welcome back.
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Master Dread ElderCommanderRiderSo, who still walks in the land of the living?
Dracan Fontom GeneralRider  I am still on. Sometimes.
Cannonlink ElderCommanderRider  Hey guys, sorry I havent been commenting much. I'm still waiting for some info from zeni before i get hyped again. Also my new living arrangement makes getting on my ps4 a pain. However I will be switching apartments this january so it will be a lot easier for me to get on.
PR4DATOR44 Knight  *Reaches for his laptop and his eyes widen* 0_0 I am alive I have not died yet from playing my games over and over even though I lost my Skyrim and my Oblivion so I am resorting to playing what ever I can find but! I am still alive!
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Silver-Strider ElderCommanderGod, I miss having regular access to internet. I hope I can get the renovations for the house done soon so I can get internet again. Until then, I'm doomed to using my laptop at work for internet purposes, which isn't exactly appropriate in a medical office but it's what I've been reduced to.

I hope everyone is well and I look forward to the days we'll all be enjoying ESO together.
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turdboy28 Recruit  Hope u r we'll to
Rethis Theldyn ElderCommander  Huzzah! stay well
PR4DATOR44 Knight  Don't worry we are not going anywhere.
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